Surgical Burs Individual

product2Acumed Instruments offers the standard .093″ (3/32″) burs in lengths from 45mm to 95mm, head diameters from .5mm to 7.0mm, and are available in carbide cutting, diamond and coarse grit diamond.

Our burs are manufactured to the highest quality for cutting applications in surgery. Cutting burs are made of carbide, a hard and durable material. The carbide cutting burs are sharp and aggressive and the cutting edge does not dull as quickly as burs made from steel. Diamond or polishing burs are made of a stainless steel and the heads are coated with concentric diamond layers. Coating of the diamonds is done with precision and care to insure smooth bone removal.

We have a variety of lengths and sizes. Our selection is organized according to the overall length of the bur. For each length, there is selection of head diameters.

Burs are sold individually and as sets. All burs are packaged non-sterile and may be re-used.

Carbide Cutting Burs – Head Diameter Sizes, mm


Carbide Cutting Burs-70mm, Single


Carbide Cutting Burs-60mm, Single


Carbide Cutting Burs-45-56mm, Single

5.0mm Carbide Cutting Bur-50mm

Carbide Cutting Burs-95mm, Single

5.0mm Carbide Cutting Bur-70mm

Diamond Burs – Head Diameter Sizes, mm


Diamond Burs-70mm, Single

4.0mm Diamond Bur-70mm

Diamond Burs-60mm, Single


Diamond Burs-50-56mm, Single

3.1mm Diamond Bur-56mm

Diamond Burs-95mm, Single

3.1mm Diamond Bur-70mm