Bur Sets


The 70mm and 45-56mm length burs are available as sets. Two advantages are cost and convenience.

Prices for bur sets are discounted from the cost of individual burs, and the selection of sizes and types are based on the most popular burs sold. Bur sets are sold in plastic cases for demonstration and packaging. The case is not intended for sterilization.

The 70mm bur sets consist of 1600- series carbide cutting burs, and 1502- series diamond bur. These burs are used with handpieces that accept standard 70mm burs.

The 45-56mm bur sets have the 1602- series carbide cutting burs and the 1503- series diamond burs. The burs are used with handpieces like the DSE-1100 that accept shorter burs.

Carbide Cutting & Diamond Bur Sets-70mm


Carbide Cutting Bur Sets-70mm


Diamond Bur Sets-70mm


Carbide Cutting & Diamond Bur Sets 45-56mm